Exceptional results driven by synergy.

We believe that merchants, whether they’re a startup, an SME or a large enterprise, deserve seamless solutions that reduce the complexity of running an online business. That’s why PesoPay has integrated with industry-leading technology platforms to streamline payment acceptance and deliver uncompromised performance for our clients.

Aitea, a solutions provider for the Quick-Serve Restaurants (QSRs)/ fast-food chains like KFC, Jollibee, Nam Heong, 13 Stages, etc.
Amadeus helps businesses connect to the global travel ecosystem, manage operations more effectively and serve travelers better than ever.
Arcadier delivers off-the-shelf marketplace solutions for businesses of any size, enabling commerce between buyers and sellers anywhere in the world.
Beds24 is a full-featured online booking system designed for just about any type of accommodation business – B&B’s, hotels, vacation rentals and more.
BookLogic is a leading technology provider of online reservation systems and software for accommodation providers, tour operators and more.
Boomer is a mobile-based marketing app that allows business owners to easily build, manage & market their own online stores via any mobile device.
Fusion runs as an event solutions provider powered by Circdata, a premier exhibitor of events apps, NFC enabled devices, online registration and a lot more. This enables event managers to monitor online visibility and property availability.
D-EDGE operates as an end to end cloud-based solution suited to the hospitality industry’s global distribution. This lets hoteliers generate their online visibility, booking rates, and accept digital payments from online bookers.
DirectWithHotels empower accommodation providers of all sizes to optimize revenue through top online third-party distribution channels.
EasyStore is an easy-to-use tool that allows sellers to create online stores without any technical or design skills required.
GHS empowers businesses in the hospitality industry to drive profitability through innovative marketing solutions like CRM, loyalty marketing and more.
Hotel Link Solutions offers customizable digital-marketing and sales solutions for accommodation providers of all sizes.
Backed up by more than 20 years of experience, iManila is one of the country's most reliable providers of full-service web and digital marketing solutions.
Invoicera is an invoicing platform that enables businesses to automate business processes & communication with online invoicing, recurring billing and more.
Jinisys Software Inc. is a Filipino software engineering company that offers property management solutions for the hospitality and real-estate sectors.
NetSuite Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and omni-channel commerce software suites.
njuko performs as an advanced booking system suited for all types of sports events planning. Its scalable platform services enable sports apps and websites to offer streamlined booking payments.
Oasis Hospitality Software is a Hong Kong-based software developer that specializes in PMS and POS systems for hotel chain operators.
Pytheas Infosys is a travel technology start-up that delivers reliable SaaS solutions for agencies, travel & hospitality companies across the globe.
366 Security and Compliance apply as booking tokenization connected with Octorate’s premiere channel manager. By that, hoteliers can conduct visitor engagement and boost revenues a payment process to its bookers.
Serino™ is a software development platform created by iGen that allows them to build CMS, e-commerce, and entertainment apps faster.
Shopify is a leading ecommerce platform that enables small and medium-sized merchants to set up an online store in minutes and bring their brands to life.
SimplyBook.Me is an online appointment scheduling software and booking platform designed for all service based businesses.
STAAH specializes in channel management and booking engine solutions that empower accommodation providers to increase sales and drive visibility.
TicketSocket provides reliable White Label Ticketing Platforms for organizers & ticketing companies who need to control their own solution.
Tribal Group Plc is a market-leading technology provider of education, learning and training systems across the world.
Mobi, a leading multichannel digital ordering & engagement platform for restaurants and hospitality businesses worldwide. Their end to end solutions support brands to increase revenue, reduce in-store wait time, gain brand loyalty, and improve overall customer experience, MOBI seamlessly integrates with existing brands, websites, and operating systems.
Odoo, an open-source ERP software, which is one of the most installed cloud business applications in the world today. With over 10 million users and 2,000+ new databases created every day, they provide their users with seamless access to our comprehensive range of payment options. With this integration, businesses can streamline their payment processes and enhance their customers' payment experience.
Servo IT Solutions, a company specializing in IT solutions for the hotel industry. Focusing on providing software and services that help hotels streamline their operations, improve guest experience, and ultimately boost their success.
Hostify, all-in-one PMS software solution for managing vacation rentals seamlessly on all major channels and automate operations.
Cloudbeds is an all-in-one software platform for hospitality businesses, providing tools like a Property Management System, Channel Manager, and Booking Engine to streamline operations and maximize revenue. It offers features such as dynamic pricing, guest CRM, and comprehensive reporting.