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How to run your business in the time of a pandemic?

by: Alecxa Cristobal

In this time of uncertainty in the retail scene, it is imperative for retailers to maintain good connection and strong online presence to keep their business going. With the worldwide lockdown caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, how can retailers keep their consumers purchasing from them?

Brand Awareness

First things first, briefing your customers about how serious the pandemic is, will not only inform them about the situation but would also imply that your brand is up to date. With a reliable source of information, you will gain trust from you existing and potential customers amid the crisis.

As for your online marketing campaigns, retailers must give out awareness of the new situation that is happening today. You can inform your audience by announcing the health crisis, along with your firm’s directives and measures to cover your customers’ concerns regarding the operations of your store.

Monitor Consumer Behavior

One good practice to strengthen your business operability in this COVID crisis is through re-examining what your customer needs. Essential items are prioritized in this pandemic so if you’re in the food sector, keeping track of your orders online and fast-track delivery comes in handy. In line with rolling out your products and services, you must incorporate discounts and deals exclusively to reward your loyal customers.

Connect with Your Market

Maintain good service for your customers. By doing that, you can secure your good consumer base and get recommendations that can expand your target market. Extending online exposure means curating a well-designed website and opening more channels to cater to your consumer. Venturing mobile application on social media can be a useful tool to reach out the digital consumer base. A wide range of platforms will let you communicate with your potential clients.

Explore New Target

Make sure that your platform is well-curated and responsive to its visitors. The demographic that you are servicing must not be limited to just one market. Get creative and discover the possibilities of offering your products and services to the elders who are new to any kind of social media platform. Engage them by providing healthier choices and categories, which will surely take a hit considering the crisis and its socioeconomic effect worldwide.

Optimize Your Sales

Last but not the least is to monitor your cash-flow regularly. Declines in sales are expected in this challenging time in the business, but you this should not discourage you to keep up with your goals high. Earning profits is the driving force of any enterprise that requires to optimize your conversions on a daily basis. In a span or 6 months or more in this economic decline, business survival is vital.

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